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April 15

When the Rotary Club of Kirkland came to us with the idea of helping to fund a new picnic shelter at Waverly Beach, we were excited to participate. This is the Kirkland Parks Foundation’s first fundraising project and we are happy to be working closely with both the Rotary Club of Kirkland and the City of Kirkland.

The picnic shelter will bring a much-needed community meeting area to a one of the City’s favorite beach parks.  Picnic shelters at our parks currently are very popular and the one at Waverly Beach will surely be appreciated and frequently used.

The estimated cost of the picnic shelter is $125,000 (it was originally $150,000 but the Kirkland Park Dept. was able do reduce the budget by $25,000 through negotiations with contractors). Both the Rotary Club of Kirkland and the City of Kirkland have already committed to fund $50,000 each.  The Kirkland Parks Foundation is stepping up to help raise the remaining funds from the community by June 2015 to ensure the completion of the project.

Please help us achieve our funding goal on our first project!  We would appreciate your support.

Ask questions, volunteer to help, and/or donate!

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Waverly Park 


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Construction at Waverly Beach continues and is scheduled to be completed in mid-June. Other tasks in progress include installation of a new irrigation system, new decking on the dock, and new landscaping.  Seeding of the new lawn, installation of benches and tables, and construction of the new playground will all occur in May.


Renovations at Waverly Beach are well underway and are still on track to finish by mid-May. The contractor has already laid the foundation for the new picnic shelter, graded the park for utilities and prepared it for the new play structure.

Starting next month, the construction crew will begin renovating the dock by removing its wooden surface and replacing it with a surface of dock grating.


As you may have noticed if you've been by Waverly Beach Park recently, the renovations are under way. Nordland Construction was awarded the bid toward the end of last year. They are working from the shore back toward the hillside, and the picnic shelter will be one of the last things that gets completed before the park is open again for the summer. Currently, we are on track for the picnic shelter to be completed by early June.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress at Waverly, and in the meantime, you can take a look at the City's webpage about the renovation for more details.


Starting Monday, December 14, the City of Kirkland will close Waverly Beach Park to allow for a major renovation.  Construction is anticipated to take up to six months and is being timed so that the park can be reopened in time for the summer of 2016.  Improvements include a new playground, new picnic shelter, new pathways, shoreline and beach enhancements, repairs to the dock, and drainage improvements to park lawn areas. A construction contract has been awarded to Nordland Construction in the amount of $916,515.


We are working hard in the final days of our first campaign, the Waverly Beach Park picnic shelter, to ensure we raise the funds needed to complete its construction.  

The original budget of estimate cost for the picnic shelter was $150,000.  The Kirkland Parks Department, through discussions/negotiations with contractors, has now reduced the budget to $125,000! A big "Thank You" for controlling costs! 

As of June 17th, just over $22,000 has been raised. We are almost to our goal of $25,000 and have until June 30th to raise the remaining funds. 

Please consider making a donation to this project today. 

  • The picnic shelter will bring a much-needed community meeting area to a one of the City’s favorite beach parks
  • Picnic shelters at our parks are very popular and the one at Waverly Beach will surely be appreciated and frequently used
  • If this project is a success, this model can be used for future projects throughout the community.  Our next project can be in your neighborhood! We welcome your ideas!

Please help us achieve our funding goal by June 30th and make a donation today!

What if I want to donate at a level not indicated on the right-hand side of the Waverly Beach Picnic Shelter project page?
You may designate a different donation amount in one of three ways:

  • Go to the “DONATE” page; enter the amount of your gift and note in the “Comments” section that it is for the Waverly Beach Picnic Shelter.
  • Give us a call @ 425-298-4046 and we’ll take your payment information over the telephone
  • Mail a check payable to “Kirkland Parks Foundation” and note on the check it is for the ‘Waverly Beach Picnic Shelter’. Mail your check along with a completed mail-in donation form to:

Kirkland Parks Foundation 603 4th Avenue Suite 500 Kirkland, WA 98033

Why does the picnic shelter cost $150,000? That seems expensive.
The $150,000  budget was an initial estimate based on the scope of work and the Kirkland Park Department’s experience with projects in the past.  This estimate cost is in line with the cost of the picnic shelter supported by the Rotary at Everest Park back in 2005. However, there are elements specific to the Waverly Project that add to the cost. One is the retaining wall that will be required as the shelter is going to be place up against the hillside.  This is so the shelter does not interfere with the grass area of the park.Also adding to the cost is additional concrete pathway extending around the entire east side of the grass area enabling wheelchair access to the shelter. Finally, the area where the shelter will be located needs improved to drainage and site prep.This being said, through discussions between the Park Department, designer, Rotary and the KPF, the estimated total cost of the picnic shelter will likely be less than the initial $150,000 estimated.  A revised budget is scheduled to be available in early June.

What happens if the project doesn’t reach the goal by the target date?
The June 30 deadline is an estimated date based on the permitting process so this is not 100% fixed. If necessary, we can probably extend it to July 31st
What if the community does not come up with the funds necessary to complete the project?
At the time the construction bid is awarded, which is estimated to be July 1, we will a) have more precise figures on how much the shelter will actually cost based on the bids received and b) know whether there are sufficient funds to build it. If there are almost enough funds, we may decide to go ahead with construction if the fundraising amount is close to the target and allow more time to raise the remaining funds.  If there are not sufficient funds and the picnic shelter is not built, donors will be contacted by the Kirkland Parks Foundation and given the choice of either changing the designated use of the funds or receiving a 100% refund.

What if more than $50,000 is raised for the project?
This would be a good "problem" to have because then the we can look at potentially providing additional amenities such as electrical services to the shelter, additional picnic tables, etc.   
Will the picnic shelter reduce the existing amount of open area at the park?
No, the picnic shelter will be next to the play area and its location does not impact the open lawn area.

In fact, the open lawn area will be enhanced as the drainage of this area will be improved during the renovation.

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