Native Plants for Green Kirkland Day

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On November 14th, the Green Kirkland Partnership will be hosting its first ever Green Kirkland Day!

Green Kirkland Day is a day to celebrate the Partnership’s accomplishments, volunteers’ hard work throughout the year and to plant hundreds of native plants in several of Kirkland’s natural area parks. The main site for Green Kirkland Day will be Crestwoods Park.

The Green Kirkland Partnership is seeking donations to help cover the cost of native trees, shrubs and groundcover like Woods’ Rose, Salmonberry, and Sword Fern. The estimated total cost of all the plants is $4,000. We have $1,500 and need to raise another $2,500 by August 1st.  This will enable us to purchase enough plants to fill areas recently cleared of ivy and blackberry. Over time, these new plants will grow and mature into a healthy forest, cared for by ongoing volunteer efforts.  They will supply wildlife with food and habitat and local residents with clean air and natural areas to enjoy.

Please donate to fund the 2015 Green Kirkland Day native plants!

We also invite you to join us at Crestwoods Park on Saturday November 14th to help.

Project Details

GKP Day planting areas 

500 plants at approximately $5 per plant = $2,500

Example plants:

Western Red Cedar
Western Hemlock
Indian Plum
Pacific Ninebark
Bald-Hip Rose
Woods’ Rose
Red Elderberry
Red Huckleberry
Lady Fern
Dull/Low Oregon Grape
Sword Fern


Green Kirkland Partnership

For more information about Green Kirkland Day or to volunteer for the event, contact Katie Cava at or (425) 587-3306 or visit



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