Google Beacons on the CKC

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What is the Google Beacons Project?

As you travel the CKC, you are now able to receive important information about the trail directly to your smartphone. By downloading the free app “New & Now,” trail users will gain access to this innovative new project that combines nature with technology—two of Kirkland’s most valuable assets. Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 5.43.03 PM

Thanks to a grant from Google, we were able to install and implement 15 beacons along the CKC, each of which emits information about the trail to interested users. During the initial stages, the beacons will highlight news about the CKC’s Master Plan. Over time, users will begin to receive exciting information about the area’s history, environment, fitness opportunities, and more.

To get started, download the free app, New & Now by Signal 360. Before traveling the trail, turn bluetooth capabilities on and allow the app access to your location. When you near a beacon, a picture card will appear on your phone if the app is already open. If it is not, you will receive a notification. While each picture card can be viewed immediately, it will also be saved in your inbox for future reference.

How it Works

If the app is open, a Picture Card will pop-up on your phone when you are within approximately 10-30 feet of a beacon. Tap the More icon button button on the Picture Card to take you to get information on about that particular site.

If the app is closed, you will receive a Notification alerting you that you have received a Picture Card.

These Picture Cards will also stay in your inbox for future reference until you delete them. To delete Picture Cards from your inbox you simply swipe right-to-left.

Frequently Asked Questions

How close you need to be to the beacon to receive the Picture Card?
It varies by how strong the Blue Tooth is on your phone—anywhere from 10 feet to 30 feet.

Will my private information be accessible?
Information can only travel one-way (to your smart phone) and the beacons cannot access any of the information on your smart phone.

Why does the homepage of the New&Now app have logos of different retailers showing up on it?
To implement the New&Now Experience, we are utilizing a technology called ‘geofencing.’ We have drawn a ‘virtual fence’ around Kirkland so when you are located within the geofenced area, you will receive the Kirkland Park’s Foundation’s New&Now app homepage. When you are outside this area, you will see the generic homepage for the New&Now app with different retailers’ logos.

Will I be able to view the beacon information if I do not have an Android or iPhone?
Yes, you can view the beacon information by going to the CKC Beacon Project page on the City website and clicking the links next to the New&Now app icon New&Now Beacon.

How often will the content be updated?
We will be working on new content once the pilot program with the Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan is up and running. We don’t have a fixed date of when the next content will be added but will let you know as soon as we do.

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