About Us

About Us

After talking to community members and leaders throughout Kirkland over several months, it became clear that there was significant interest in forming a foundation to support Kirkland’s parks.  The goal of the Kirkland Parks Foundation (KPF) is to be the voice for the community, enabling its citizens to raise funds for projects that have clear community support and contribute to their overall well-being. 

How We Work

The Kirkland Parks Foundation is essentially a start-up and a 501(c)(3) that was formed in the spring of 2015. We are a 100% volunteer effort and and all donations it receives – whether designated for a specific project or unrestricted – are fully tax-deductible.

KPF works in conjunction, but separately from the Kirkland Parks Department, the KPF enables citizens and groups in the community to enhance our parks and therefore the quality of life in Kirkland.


Next Steps

Sally Otten, the executive director, and one board member currently absorb all costs. This allows the KPF to direct all of the funds that are raised towards the designated projects. The KPF plans to build on the passionate grassroots energy that is on display daily in our City through our neighborhoods, arts, sports, education, environmental, and community activities.  This passion, matched with our infrastructure, will facilitate the identification, funding and completion of community-generated projects.

The Key to Success 

The key to the success of the KPF is having enough projects. We have made a commitment to support the organization for 2 years to see if there is enough community interest to make the organization self-sustaining. If we are able to get a sufficient number of projects consistently in the pipeline, the KPF will then start charging a sponsorship fee that will go towards the ongoing operation of the organization.

Juanita Bay Park / Mick Thompson
Juanita Bay Park / Mick Thompson


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