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From Our Founder

Parks are an integral part of our lives and shape our community. After living overseas for 17 years I appreciate the richness and diversity we have here in Kirkland more than ever. Raising two young boys in Hong Kong had a lot of advantages but finding parks and open spaces was a challenge; if you were lucky enough to find some grass – you couldn’t walk on it. After returning to Kirkland in 2007 and engaging in numerous conversations with various members of this community, one theme kept showing up; as wonderful as our parks are, there are always ways to make them better….

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Photo Credit: Dana Nunnelly

You Can Make a Difference

Wondering what you can do to make a difference in our community? We love it when people get involved at whatever commitment level works for you.

Bring us a project idea, plant some seeds, make a donation, volunteer to table at an event, or just pick a project that you like and tell your friends! Our organization is successful because you care enough to spread the word and bring our projects to life. These are your parks—let us know how YOU want to use them!

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Photo Credit: Kirkland Parks Foundation

What’s Happening Now

Google Beacons on the CKC
Be on the lookout for our red kites along the Cross Kirkland Corridor! As you travel the CKC, you are now able to receive important information about the trail directly to your smartphone. By downloading the free app “New & Now,” trail users will gain access to this innovative new project that combines nature with technology—two of Kirkland’s most valuable assets. Read more…

Santa Mailbox in Downtown Kirkland
Throughout the holidays, kids can drop off their letters to Santa and will receive a personalized response from the North Pole
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Check Out Our Projects!

CKC Picnic Area Native Vegetation Restoration

CKC Picnic Area Native Vegetation Restoration

We are currently fund-raising for the creation of a labeled Native Plants Garden, with split-rail fence, removal of two large cottonwoods, and weed-block material to avoid the use of herbicides. Check back often for updated information, to see our progress, and to find out how you can help!
Santa’s Mailbox in Downtown Kirkland

Santa’s Mailbox in Downtown Kirkland

Community, Moss Bay
Take part in Kirkland's holiday celebration this year by helping fund a mailbox with direct service to Santa Claus. Donate today to share in the magic! GOAL: $2,100
New Sand for Marina Park Beach!

New Sand for Marina Park Beach!

Community, Moss Bay
Raise funds to put new sand at the beach at Marina Park for the start of summer! GOAL: $1,000
New Sand for Houghton Beach!

New Sand for Houghton Beach!

Community, Lakeview
Raise funds to put new sand on Houghton Beach for the beginning of summer! GOAL: $1,000


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